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Frequent questions

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Frequent questions

At CurlyLovers we love to please you and your laughs, therefore, in this section you can clarify all your doubts.

Neither wet nor dry. Do not think of it. The ideal way to dry your hair is by scrunching using a microfiber towel, so that you can remove excess water taking care that it does not break due to friction and lose its shine, so you should avoid at all costs rubbing your hair dry.

One of the big mistakes we make is to use any product for our curls. We must know that our hair is different and requires special care. Utiliza solo productos diseñados exclusivamente para nuestra melena.

This is an amazing tip and it works wonders Moisten your hair with very little water and activate them with curly lovers gel. and so you will not have to wash your hair every day.

Has it happened to you that you do your definition and at noon all the curls are burst? It usually happens a lot! and it is because a very important step is missing in the definition, this is the Gel. When we only use cream to comb the hair, it is nourished, but each hair takes its own way, and in the curls there are usually a world of ways. If you apply Gel Curly Lovers after the styling cream, you will ensure that each curl maintains its shape, since the hair is held together.

I know that many are afraid of using Gels, because we think it will make their hair stiff or that it will reduce its shine. When we use the right one, without alcohol, with natural ingredients that provide nutrition to your hair, you will achieve a defined mane for longer, shinier and with more life.

It seems magical, well yes it is