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Curly Lovers By Susi Arango



By 2025 Curly lovers will be recognized in the Andean region and North America as the brand that managed to generate a feeling of self-love among the community through the use of high quality natural products.


Provide beauty for all, with natural products that promote culture, personal and financial development of distributors or collaborators.

Curly Lovers

Curly lovers was born in 2017 after identifying the need of women with curly hair, to find natural products specialized in the care of their hair, born out of the desire to promote and highlight the features that make women a special and harmonious being ,

es por eso que sus fundadoras Susi y Laura comunican en su comunidad Curly lovers un rotundo mensaje de amor propio, autoestima y cuidado personal, ofreciendo productos naturales, como geles, regenerador capilar y mascarillas que aportan: nutrición, hidratación, brillo y regeneración del cabello.

This is how entrepreneurship, but really Curly Lovers has been an acceptance process for Susi and Laura. Susi in 2005 at the age of 15 was the victim of a caustic soda straightening that caused alopecia. At that moment a marathon begins to want to recover his hair.

She was questioned, judged and rejected in her social environment for her appearance before and after this straightening, and all this social pointing just because of the appearance of her hair. After much crying as a teenager Susi makes the decision to get ahead with products that she made at home, and that really were her salvation,

since just a year after this episode she could wear beautiful curls and most importantly she wore a smile of self-love and felt like a Diva. From that moment Susi was unstoppable, she infected her sister and family with self-love, she studied Financial Engineering, wearing all her university a mane that stood out in the midst of everyone.

Susi decides in 2017 together with her sister to share these beauty secrets with everyone, and the most important thing is that Laura and Susi since Curly Lovers was born promote the respect, self-love, confidence and attitude that women deserve to have. in the middle of a society that still judges by the look of the hair